How do some people get so many Facebook likes????

Ok, it is driving me absolutely crazy.  There is this one woman who is seriously about the most unattractive woman alive.  Her husband used to be handsome in his younger days but the thought that men get better looking with age does not apply to him.  Their child… their child is cute yes.  But, she’s basic.  Average.  No better looking than anyone else’s child. So….

Why does this family get tons of likes on facebook?  I cannot figure it out.  A friend and myself are watching constantly and… it never fails.  For some reason, people just drool over every post these people make.  They are all photo posts.  Never a text post.  And like, like, like, comment, comment, comment, and on and on.

My friend’s theory is that it is the church people doing all the liking.  I have no theory.  I am just majorly stunned that people think this family is all that.  And…

It has seriously gone to the woman’s head.  She thinks she is above others here, and she thinks her kids are.  I wonder if her wonderful facebook world is going to extend into real life.  Somehow, I doubt it.

How do some people on facebook get so many more likes than others???