60 Days In… Jail!!

Ok, ok I swore I would never be a fan of reality television.  Then, one day, I realized that if I didn’t watch a reality show here and there, there wouldn’t be much left for me to watch!

60 Days In.  The sheriff at the Clark County Jail just across the Indiana state line from Louisville KY put seven regular people in jail for a two month time span.  They aren’t regular inmates.  They are spies for him.  But, spies in a good way I guess.  He is trying to find out information about how his jail is ran.

I checked out a message board.  The talley seems pretty much the same.  Zac is everyone’s favorite by far.  Nobody much likes Tami, and come to find out, she’s been “retired” from being a police officer for 15 years!  Now, let’s talk about that for a minute.  Tami said she was, I believe 46 years old, and she does look about that age.  How does one retire from a job at 31 years old?  Not possible!  I would say it is more along the lines that she was probably let go.  After all, if she had been hurt or something, she would be saying disabled police officer right?  But retired?  That makes no sense.  They had a Q & A on facebook with her, and she told someone she continued to say she was a police officer because she had been trained as one.  My opinion is that she has mental problems.  She has a “wife” and the facial expressions she gives to her are just weird.  Her body language is just weird.  The way she carries herself is just weird.  I agree with the majority of what I have seen.  I don’t care for Tami.  I am glad she is no longer carrying a gun or wearing a badge.

The only take I get on Robert the teacher is that he is scared to death in there.  Jeff- he should have never gone in there to begin with.  No toughness about him at all.  No street smarts and absolutely NO sign of any street cred… all things that are pretty much required to survive successfully in jail.  The young one, Isaiah, he’s doing ok I think.  He’s quiet though and with him not really interacting with other inmates, I don’t see how he will get any feedback.

Back to the women.  Barbara.  I laugh when I see her now.  Why?  Remembering how her 25 year old sheltered self had it all just figured out going in.  She has had an awakening for sure.  She has shown her maturity level.  First with failing to have her friend Tami’s back.  Second with the crying and huge amount of drama given to her cellies getting her jail BFF’s snacks when she left.  Did she really think the girl that was gone cared about her dang nutty bar???

Now to the best.  Maryam.  Daughter of Muhammad Ali.  Seems nobody had any idea he had any daughter other than the tiny bit famous Layla.  Yet, her entire story line seems to summon the worries from her mouth that somebody will recognize her.  Somebody will know who her father is.  Somebody will care.  Yet, nobody does.  I did some quick research.  Seems he has seven daughters.  When you are one of seven, with no fame or fortune, yeah, nobody knows you.  She seems to be determined to make sure that people think she is some sort of VIP though.  Hopefully, reading the message boards (and I know that her type of ego will have to do just that) will get her informed that nobody’s watching her every move, and she can get herself a more healthy self-view.  God knows, she sure needs one.

If you haven’t watched this one, you need to.  Zac is the one to watch.  Wanting to be a DEA agent, he took the program seriously and transformed himself into a straight up inmate crook type.  He will give the best insight by far.  Hopefully.  Last week, during a raid, it was hinted that cocaine was found in his bed.  Waiting to see what happens with that!!!